APR Demand Champion

APR Recycling Demand Champion Companies

Listed below are APR’s Recycling Demand Champions! Through making this independent and voluntary commitment, these companies recognize that:

  • Consistent, reliable demand for recycled plastic is critical for recycling to be mature, vibrant and sustainable.
  • A strong “demand-pull” for recycled plastics is needed to maintain and continue the building of a robust plastic recycling supply chain.

APR Recycling Demand Champions commit to purchase new volume PCR through “work in process” (WIP) durable goods, or other applications for PCR, and thereby play a prominent role in expanding the market for mixed residential plastics, driving investment, increasing supply and producing more high quality PCR. This campaign also includes any and all NEW applications for PCR.

Each company below signed the APR Recyclng Demand Champion Commitment Letter.  These forward thinking, proactive organizations are playing a prominent role in expanding the market for mixed residential plastics, thus driving domestic investment, and increasing high qulaity PCR supply.

To learn more on how your company can become a Recycling Demand Champion please contact Liz Bedard, APR Rigid Plastics Recycling Director.  


Current APR Recycling Demand Champion Companies:


2018 PGlogo                     PAC Stacked 1         QRS LARGE     UnileverBlue



  Keurig        Target       Berry Logo CMYK     NestleVerticalBlue1              


   DentonLogoFinal      EcoLogo stacked md    Avangard PNG Color Transparent TM


UPM        envision c Converted      


       Champion      PT PrimaryLogo Color




2018 APR Recycling Demand Champion Companies:  

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Coke     Clean Tech Logo 01 B PNG    Plastipak Packaging Logo Blue PNG   2018 PGlogo

 Target       Keurig               Berry Logo CMYK     Champion      


envision c Converted           Merlin