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January 11, 2018 - Recycling Magazine

APR Member Highlight: AMUT and CarbonLITE

AMUT and CarbonLite improve plastic bottles recycling

The washing line supplied by AMUT has the state of art of the technology and is the second plant of this size in operation in the USA, capable of producing over 12.000 pounds per hour of highest quality PET from MRF post-consumer bales. Mr. Leon Farhanick, the President of CarbonLITE, declared “I’m very satisfied with quality, punctuality and technology. Among the many OEM we had in this project AMUT is the one that pleased us best”.

This 250.000-square-foot bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plant processes more than 100 million pounds plastic bottles annually and the Amut washing section is capable of reaching 6 metric tons per hour (the Dallas facility will double the company’s annual capacity of foodgrade PET) and permits the transformation of old plastic bottles into PET resins, flakes and pellets that can then be used to produce new beverage bottles and other sustainable products.

“CarbonLITE management has over a decade of experience in PET wash lines and selected the AMUT solution to face the new challenges in the market conditions for their Dallas operations. Considering that AMUT is one of the major OEM supplier for their system, we integrated our De-Labeller AMUT’s patent technology and as well the wet whole bottle pre-wash” stated Anthony Georges, President of AMUT NORTH AMERICA. Mr. Georges further discussed how the AMUT De-Labeller won the prestigious PLASTIC RECYCLING INNOVATION AWARD from the APR (Association of Plastic Recyclers) in 2017.


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