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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 27, 2017 


As China Bans Imports of Scrap Materials, Video Focuses on Domestic Jobs in Plastics Recycling 

A new Your Bottle Means Jobs (YBMJ) video from the Carolinas Plastics Recycling Council and the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) highlights the economic impact of plastics recycling in the Carolinas at a time when China is tightening up what imported recycling commodity materials it will accept.

The video, entitled “Real People, Real Jobs, Recycle” highlights those working in the high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastics recycling industry in the Carolinas, focusing on the North Carolina recycling supply chain. Featuring employees of NC companies such as ReCommunity, Plastic Revolutions, Crumpler Plastic Pipe, and Burt’s Bees, the video shows that recycling is at the intersection of the environment and the economy.

“North Carolina’s local industries import recycled bottles from abroad and other states to meet their demands. When households recycle just two more bottles a week, they need to know that they are helping support Carolina jobs,” said YBMJ Campaign leader, Blair Pollock. “In fact, a recent poll found that 66% of people ages 18-34 would be more likely to recycle if they knew what happened to their recycling after it hits the recycling bin. This video demonstrates the recycling process in a fresh, innovative way.”

As China bans imports of plastics, US recycling capacity will become increasingly vital, and the 3,500 plastics recycling industry jobs in North and South Carolina are necessary for recycling all types of plastics, especially HDPE. The ripple effect of when a household recycles milk jugs, detergent, household cleaners or shampoo plastic bottles is evident with the video’s demonstration of those working in the robust Carolinas plastics recycling industry.

The campaign’s call to action is that if every household in the Carolinas recycled two more bottles a week, it would create 300 local jobs in the economy. The video is another resource to add to the current Your Bottle Means Jobs toolkit. A recent YBMJ marketing campaign in the Raleigh Triangle area had considerable regional impact and yielded a 2% increase in bottles recycled over a 3 month period as compared to the prior year.

“The future success and growth of the plastics recycling industry depends on 2 things- increased supply of material to process, and increased demand,” commented Steve Alexander, President of APR. “Many HDPE applications today can use more recycled content, so any effort to increase supply is critical. This program highlights a natural, easy to implement activity for any household that will have a tremendously positive impact on the most pressing need for the recycling community.”

“Recycling creates jobs in North Carolina and provides recycled plastic for our packaging,” stated Matt Kopak, Sustainable Business & Innovation Manager for Burt’s Bees. “This helps to reduce our environmental impact by extending the useful life of our material inputs.”

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South Carolina Department of Commerce
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Established in 2011, the Carolinas Plastics Recycling Council is an ad hoc two state effort working jointly in NC and SC to raise awareness around the importance of recycling plastic bottles, increase bottles recycled, and to promote the plastics recycling industry operating within the two states. In recent years, the CPRC launched the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign, which aims to get more of the three billion plastic bottles discarded each year in the Carolinas back into the production cycle. Visit


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