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August 11, 2017 - Environmental Leader, Plastics Recycling Update

APR Member Highlight: Nestlé USA, Inc.

Nestlé tells consumers to swig, swallow, then replace the cap

Nestle Waters NA has become the first beverage manufacturer in North America to include the How2Reycle label, created by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, on the half-liter bottles of all its major US brands. The label, which tells drinkers to “empty and replace cap,” is meant to ensure that the caps will be recycled along with the bottles. When the caps remain on the bottles, it is less likely that they will fall through recyclers’ equipment and be discarded.

Right now, Nestle has included the label on its Pure Life, Poland Spring, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Zephyrhills, Ozarka and Arrowhead brands. The company says it will complete the rollout across all brands by September. Nelson Switzer, chief sustainability officer at Nestle Waters, says the label will drive recovery of the bottle and a reduction in environmental impact.

Currently, the How2Recycle label is featured on products and packaging types like toys, baby products, pet care products, baking supplies, condiments and more.

How2Recycle labels include a variety of instructions depending on the product, including:

  • Empty before Recycling
  • Rinse and Insert Lid
  • Remove and Discard Pump
  • Remove Label Before Recycling
  • Rinse Before Recycling

Each How2Recycle label is based on the best availability of recycling data available, as well as technical insights from Association of Plastic Recyclers, Recycled Paperboard Alliance, and other industry experts.

Nestle has publicly stated (via its website) that it is constantly striving to improve its operations at “every stage of the bottled water life cycle: sourcing, manufacturing and packaging.”

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