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February 20, 2018 - APR Press Release

APR Recycling Demand Champions Expands to Include New Companies and New Applications for PCR

Proactively Building Demand for Recycled Plastics

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), the leading international trade organization representing the plastics recycling industry, today announced new participants in a campaign designed to expand market demand for recycled resins and improve plastic recycling in North America. In addition, APR announced it will expand the campaign to include additional applications and material.

The APR Recycling Demand Champions Campaign plays a prominent role in expanding the market for residential plastics, driving investment, increasing supply and producing more high quality PCR. The initial phase of the campaign focused on purchasing new volume PCR through “work in process” (WIP) durable goods, but has expanded to include any and all NEW applications for PCR.

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February 8, 2018 - Cision PR Newswire

APR Member Highlight: Envision Plastics

World's First Bottle Made Using Envision Plastics OceanBound Plastic at 100% Content

Envision Plastics is excited to announce the launch the world's first bottle using its proprietary OceanBound Plastic at 100% content and as the sole colorant carrier.  Envision's OceanBound Plastic is made from completely recycled plastic with the added benefit of being collected from at-risk areas which eliminates that plastic from reaching beaches and waterways.

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January 25, 2018 - Plastics News

APR Member Highlight: Coca-Cola Co.

Coca-Cola seeking 50 percent recycled content by 2030

The Atlanta-based company, which serves a lot of drinks in PET bottles, admits the world has a packaging problem.  So Coca-Cola also is setting out to recycle the equivalent of 100 percent of its packaging by 2030 as part of an effort it calls World Without Waste.

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January 11, 2018 - Recycling Magazine

APR Member Highlight: AMUT and CarbonLITE

AMUT and CarbonLITE improve plastic bottles recycling

The AMUT De-Labeller was honored with the prestigious innovation award from APR's Plastics Recycling Showcase in 2017.

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January 4, 2018 - Plastics News

APR in the News

Dave Cornell to be inducted into Plastics Hall of Fame

Dave Cornell, one of the founding members of APR whose technical knowledge, expertise and leadership helped transform the plastics recycling industry, has been inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame.  This is a tremendous and well deserved honor, for both Dave and APR!

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December 5, 2017 - Fast Company

APR Member Highlight: KW Plastics and Waste Management

China Doesn’t Want Our Trash Anymore, So We Need To Recycle Smarter

[Waste Management] works to create demand for recycled material from manufacturers. One customer and partner, KW Plastics, has helped shift the paint industry to paint cans made from recycled #5 plastic, the same material used in most yogurt containers, and Waste Management looks for similar new opportunities.

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December 15, 2017 - businessGreen, GreenBiz

APR in the News

US companies deconstruct China's recycling import ban

Some Western companies see China's upcoming crackdown on imported waste as an opportunity to upgrade their operations and use more recyclables in their own manufacturing, but challenges abound.

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