APR 2ndary Banners Voice

Staff and Board Members

APR Staff

Steve Alexander, President

John Standish, Technical Director

Kate Eagles, Assistant Technical Director

Liz Bedard, Rigids Program Director

Kara Pochiro, Communications Director

Sandi Childs, Film and Flexible Program Director

Dave Cornell, Technical Consultant

Ali Briggs-UngererMember Services Director 

Lisa Lopinsky, Executive Director for the Foundation for Plastic Recycling (FPR)

APR Board of Directors

Jaime Camara, PETStar, Class of 2017

Tom Emmerich,Schupan Recycling, Class of 2018

Byron GeigerCustom Polymers, PET, Class of 2018

Nicole JanssenDenton Plastics, Class of 2018

Bill O Grady, Talco Plastics, Class of 2019

Maite QuinnSims Municipal Recycling, Class of 2019

Scott SaundersKW Plastic, Class of 2018

Jon Stephens, Avangard Innovative, Class of 2017

Mike Westerfield, Dart Container Corp., Class of 2017

Julie Zaniewski, Unilever, Class of 2019



Problem Containers

Report problem containers to help APR reduce contamination in the plastic recycling stream.

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