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Consistent, reliable demand is critical for recycling to be a mature, vibrant and sustainable industry.

Be Part of the Success of Plastic Recycling

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Government Recycling Demand Champions commit to purchasing products that contain recycled plastics (PCR) in order to stimulate and create domestic markets for recyclable plastics and thereby driving sustainable plastic recycling. Any and all NEW purchases of products with PCR apply.

We welcome all state, regional, and local government, including schools and colleges, in the U.S.

Members of the Recycling Demand Champion Program recognize:

  • Consistent, reliable demand for recycled plastic is critical for recycling to be a mature, vibrant and sustainable industry and,
  • A strong demand for recycled plastics is needed not only to maintain but also to build strong domestic plastic recycling markets.

Recycling Demand Champions look for their efforts to:

  • Strengthen and increase domestic demand for residential mixed plastics,
  • Help prevent “ocean plastics” by stimulating strong North American markets,
  • Boost a “circular economy” for plastic packaging, and
  • Mitigate reliance on export markets.

Your organization’s commitment to purchase products manufactured with PCR will make a significant and measurable impact to strengthen the plastic recycling markets.

Demand creates value. Value drives recycling.


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