APR Demand Champion

December 4, 2017 - Packaging Digest

The race to increase recycled content in packaging

In recent years, the consumer goods industry has made significant progress on improving the recyclability of packaging and ensuring that packaging is recoverable. In contrast, incorporating recycled content in plastic packaging, especially post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, has been a more elusive priority. But, this is changing quickly. Sustainable packaging leaders demonstrate that providing demand for recycled plastics by purchasing post-consumer resin is one of the best tools at our industry’s disposal to forge a circular economy.

Importantly, increasing demand for PCR will be essential in developing strong domestic end markets for recycled materials. SPC project associate Jessica Edington explains that, especially in light of China’s Green Fence and National Sword initiatives, “The most critical and impactful step companies can take in light of the China ban is to commit to using post-consumer resin wherever possible.” Edington’s recommendation demonstrates that the chronic need for using PCR in packaging has become acute.

To explore how consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies can best embrace PCR in their packaging portfolio, let’s examine successful case studies of early adopters and innovators in designing packaging with high portions of PCR or that is entirely made of PCR. In addition to considering best-in-class case studies for both rigid and film applications, considering strategies of where PCR can be most easily implemented can catalyze quicker adoption to stimulate end markets sooner rather than later.

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