The Recognition Program is an initiative that is intended to build upon the work of the APR Technical Committee to recognize those companies that successfully design products that meet or exceed the voluntary guidelines for avoiding disruptions from innovative packaging technologies in the PET and HDPE bottle recycling streams.

The APR has developed and approved Critical Guidance Document(s) (CGDs) for PET and HDPE and Applications Guidance for PET and HDPE. The CGDs provide a limited number of critical, testable properties for PET and HDPE bottle innovations. Other issues may also be important. The properties listed are deliberately few and represent key concerns. The CGDs set the stage for further analysis of specific applications such as Bottle-to-Botle. Both the CGDs and the Applications Guidance offer defined test samples and test methods and suggest guidance values for interpreting test results.
At this time, the PET Application Guidance has four sections: Bottles-to-Bottles, Bottles-to-Strapping, Bottles-to- Sheet, and, Bottles-to-Fiber. HDPE Application Guidance includes Bottles-to-Bottles and will likely include Bottles-to-Sheet, and, Bottles-to-Pipe in the future. The main features of the Recognition Program are:

    • An Innovator enters into agreement with APR for review of its material (“Innovation Material”).
    • Using the CGDs, and, optionally, APR’s Applications Guidelines (collectively referred to as the “Program Guidelines”), the Innovation Material is tested.
    • Innovators present their results to the APR membership at the APR Technical Forum
    • Copies of test reports and other relevant information are provided to the Program Administrator for review and verification of completeness and accuracy.
    • A three-member Review Committee for each application will be appointed by the APR Board of Directors.
    • Assuming that testing demonstrates that the Innovation Material meets or exceeds the Program Guidelines, the Program Administrator will so notify the Innovator.
    • A Recognition letter will be issued for meeting or exceeding guidelines.
    • A Recognition Program Logo will be available for use for meeting or exceeding CGD(s) and all approved Applications Guidelines.
    • An Innovator and APR will execute a License Agreement governing the use of the Program Logo.
    • All Innovators will be listed by APR in a directory published by the APR.
    • Innovators may be periodically requested to demonstrate that the Innovation Material continues to meet or exceed Program Guidelines.


Problem Containers

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