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KW Plastics Recycling Division
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KW Plastics is the world's largest recycler of HDPE(#2) and PP(#5) supplying very high quality blow molding and injection grade resins to the packaging, automotive and agricultural markets. We purchase HDPE rigids (bottles and bulky rigid bales) and PP flexible (woven and non-woven) and rigid (bales and regrind). For specification sheets on materials we buy and resins we sell, please visit
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279 Pike County Lake Road, Troy, Alabama 36079
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Scott Saunders
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[email protected]
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334/566-1563 ext 411
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Rigids, Film Reclamation
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Stephanie Baker
Contact2 email
[email protected]
Contact2 telephone
334/566-1563 ext 416
Contact2 committee Member
Rigids, Communication

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