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PET Processors
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Want to enhance and recycle your resin? Need help with adding value to your polymers? Looking for someone to help and produce that Proprietary Compound? PPLLC offers a full range of polymer solutions, including toll & custom compounding, viscosity enhancement, recycled pelletizing & melt filtration, grinding & elutriation, crystallization, drying, blending, and de-dusting. PPLLC compounds both filled and unfilled thermoplastic compounds and concentrates (mineral, glass, color, FR, fiber, cellulose, modified, etc.). We process most thermoplastics, excluding PVC. Many of the commercialized polyester resins on the market today were developed with PPLLC’s support. In-addition to our commercialized polyester resin development support, end users rely on our expertise of PET not only to re-pelletize their flake/regrind material but more importantly to Solid State the material to a higher IV level. The IV is used as part of the specification to select the right grade of PET for a particular application and represents a measure of the polymers molecular weight and therefore reflects the material’s melting point, crystallinity and tensile strength. To learn more, please contact Gary Laughlin
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1350 Bacon Road, Painesville, Ohio 44077-4781
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Gary Laughlin
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[email protected]
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440-354-4321 Ext. 3016
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Ken Berlin
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[email protected]
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440-354-4321 Ext. 3035
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