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Roplast Industries, Inc. is located in Oroville, CA in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. We are a full service poly manufacturer and reprocesser that specializes in the design, extrusion, print, conversion and reclaiming of plastic film and bags. Founded in 1989, we have focused on developing a manufacturing system that recycles and reprocesses the waste materials we use and distribute while remaining competitive technically and economically. This includes encouraging reuse by the consumer, recycling, source reduction and in certain applications, engineering products for reuse and closed loop programs. By advocating a companywide approach for effective waste management, we have lead the forefront in the environmental movement in reusable plastic bags and continue to partner with our affiliates and customers that share our commitment to the environment.
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3155 South 5th Avenue, OROVILLE, California 95965
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Roxanne Spiekerman-Vaughan
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[email protected]
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Film Reclamation
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Chris Mann
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[email protected]
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Technical, Film Reclamation

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