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Soleno Recycling
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Soleno Recycling recycles and process the polyethylene coming from domestic and industrial usage. In partnership with a social economic company, Soleno Recycling allows people with functional restrictions to join the working market. The material outcome from this procedure is mainly reused in the solutions manufactured by Soleno. The environmental consciousness is at the heart of Soleno’s philosophy. This is why we have chosen to use our resources in a responsible manner to contribute to the development of future generations. Soleno Recycling devotes itself entirely to reduce HDPE waste. We crush, wash and purify the high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This raw material is then channeled to Soleno’s manufacturing factories. The material is then transformed into useful canalizations with long life spans, who allow the capturing and transportation of runoff water all while respecting the durable development principles put into place by our storm water infrastructures. Soleno Recycling allows the revitalizing of your postconsumer and postindustrial HDPE waste. As well, by being the recycler and the final product user, Soleno is in measure to give the HDPE a life cycle that is infinite.
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247 Ste-Anne , Yamachiche, Quebec G0X 3L0
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Guillaume Villemure
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[email protected]
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