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The Foundation for Plastic Recycling


The Foundation for Plastic Recycling (FPR) is a mission driven organization whose vision is to drive sustainability solutions for plastics packaging. The Foundation’s mission is to educate, promote, support and expand plastic recycling by eliminating existing barriers that inhibit and/or prohibit the recyclability of plastic packaging, and expand the end market demand for recycled plastic resin.

The Foundation’s activities focus on these fundamental objectives:

• EDUCATE on the benefits of plastic recycling to both individual and corporate
• PROMOTE awareness about the benefits of postconsumer plastic recycling; and
• SUPPORT research and development of technological innovation relating to the recycling of plastics.
• EXPAND the recyclability of plastics thru training and programs designed to expand end market demand of recycled resins.

Established by the Association of Plastic Recyclers, the Foundation for Plastic Recycling is one of the few organizations whose sole focus is enhancing and expanding plastics recycling.

For further information outlining how the FPR can help connect you to the Circular Economy, please contact Lisa Lopinsky, the Foundation Executive Director.

We look forward to working with you. 

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