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May 3, 2016 - Plastics News

APR Member Highlight: S. C. Johnson & Son Inc.

Ziploc wants to seal up more film recycling

Orlando, Fla. — Ziploc’s maker is starting a push to find ways to get all of those plastic bags recycled after consumer use.

And while the chief sustainability officer at S.C. Johnson & Son Inc. knows that’s not going to be easy, she said the company is in it for the long haul.

“We’re going to get after it because we have to uncover end-of-life solutions for this very important brand of ours,” Kelly Semrau said at the inaugural Re|focus Recycling Summit & Expo in Orlando.

S.C. Johnson makes Ziploc bags at its Bay City, Mich., plant — “from pellet to product” — according to James Pawloski, director of home storage research development and engineering for the company.

That includes extrusion of low density polyethylene film and converting of bags that are then packaged. The company also manufactures Ziploc bags in Varennes, Quebec, and Toluca, Mexico.

All told, the brand is huge for S.C. Johnson, as the company produces more than 100 million pounds of Ziploc brand bags each year, Pawloski said.

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